speakers corner

Sun 7 Oct
Speakers Corner
Its really as cool and crazy as they say!


7 Responses

  1. oooh im like sooooo jealous
    have fun dood

  2. oh my word! awesome! i hope u did us proud and got urself a soapbOx too! make some noise and generate a crowd why dont u!!! 🙂 looks like ur having a blast mister.. take care.

    ps: its two years for our blog-link birfday! oct 2005 to now 😛

  3. Hope u having fun;)

  4. Whats speakers corner?

  5. Was it all pro and anti-Islam?
    I remember this one dude who thought Muslims were aliens and the Kaabah was our mothership.

  6. maybe i will get me a box someday!

    @geek: its a place where people gather to speak their minds. you have the missionary types from all the different religions, the leftist, the right and a fair amount of total wackos!

  7. & a kewl way to spend a sunday afternoon innit 🙂 tx for sharing ur adventures..

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