halal butcher

halal butcher
portobello road market
notting hill (some movie set here?!)


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  1. Can you believe it? They have to actually say that it its halaal… We take it for granted esp here in Durban with like so many halaal butcheries in just one area!
    The movie Notting Hill (Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts) was filmed in Notting Hill!

  2. well, here they just have to say its halaal.
    In durban, you have to say it and then prove you muslim, by paying someone to give you a certificate:P
    & thanks for that usefull bit of infomation- my company for the day was also ranting about Notting Hill- the place was just packed with middle-class european yuppies!

  3. Haha, you havent seen Tooting, Wembley and Southall yet. there are streets full of halaal butcheries, markets and shops that sell more indian veggies than Dbn has ever seen, karela, bindi u name it!
    when are you coming to visit us?

  4. i know i still have lots to see and do!
    when am i coming? when am i going to get an invite:)

  5. I love Portobello Road! dont u just love it?? theres always something out of the ordinary over there…

  6. anyone know where i can get the closest thing to a crystals steak sandwhich in london

  7. I went here also..
    went to the travel bookshop there made famous in Nottinghill..

    Halaal bilaal.. looking for halaal chow.. as they in south africa.. you know when it is halaal when they haal al die bloed uit..
    if u don’t understand there are lots of afrikaans speaking people walking the streets of London.. ask them to translate..
    to test my theory.. start skinnering in afrikaans on the tube and just watch how many people will respond with a smile..

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