sami yusuf & outlandish (new pics!)

Sami Yusuf
& others..
Live in concert @ Wembley Arena
to raise funds and awareness for Darfur
with Islamic Relief
10,000 people, 1 stage, & 1 really amazing show!
Money raised by people pledging: over GBP 100,000!





16 Responses


  2. did he sing Asma Allah, tht song is such a beauty!!! places contentment within a person!

  3. haseena- is was really really really cool! good fun 🙂

    nona- he sang everything! and even did some new songs. and it was extra cool coz Outlandish was there 🙂

  4. Hey…

    I guess lucky you is kinda outdated now… you passed that a while ago hey? Well lekker… just keep keepin us updated…


  5. Why can’t we have such a great concert here in Durban??? Totally totally unfair!! Bilal… come on organise them!! 🙂

  6. saf- thanks:) london rocks- but so does joburg!!

    zaakira- well, for one- we will get half a dozen fatwa against us- like the recent comedy show we did!! but dont worry- this type of thing will be happening in SA soon!

  7. Dude! You have to tell him that you can’t be a rockstar and wear specs on stage!

  8. WOW, BILAL, Cant believe you got to see sami Y, his lyrics are so beautiful!!! I hope he come to JHB, , ,

  9. mohamed- He is a superstar already, with little or no competition: he can do whatever he wants!

    hawabibi- It was cool going to the concert, and being amongst 10,000 muslims! but to be honest- his lyrics are really weak! He is multi-talented with his different instruments and singing in different languages- but I really think he is not that talented when it comes to his songs:)

  10. thats wht im saying.. lol.. still we gotta try.. get em into te sunshine 🙂

    he’s made alot of people aware wit wht he says.. so giv it up for that.. we shud remain ever conscious of our reason for being.. did u read te article yvonne ridley wrote on muslim concerts etc.?

    ps. looks like it smoked 😛

  11. read the yvonne ridley article on his show. but did you read his response to her?
    check on for it..

  12. ilove sami

  13. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم من لة كوردستانى عيراقم لة معافظةى اربيل زؤر سوباستان دةكةم وة هيواى سةركةوتنتان بؤ دةخوازم


  15. you image was so sweet i like it

  16. i like u very much AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG voice

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