praying in Mezquita

Apparently Muslims are not allowed to pray in the Mezquita- it was once a Mosque, but was converted into a cathedral.
see for accounts of my recent trip to Spain.


I know this is not London, but just to get 2008 off to a kick start:)


3 Responses

  1. Isnt it crazy that none of it is used as a place of worship anymore?! There should atleast keep one section as a mosque and one as a cathedral..

  2. i think its quite complicated- Muslims lost this a thousand years ago! to be fair, how much would have been so well preserved had it not been changed into a cathedral? what would the muslims have done if a building was a cathedral and then changed into a mosque?
    its sad and depressing- but then again- Islam is not in big buildings and fancy architecture. It is in the hearts and actions of people…

  3. your blogs boring now, almost like mine:P

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